Welcome to AHDesign, the online portfolio of Aaron Holloway. I am Melbourne based designer providing creative services that include identity, print, signage and web design.

Responsive Website

Winsec Savings & Loans

Responsive Website

As part of a full corporate rebrand, Winsec Savings & Loans required an online presence that reflected their new identity. The site is built on a responsive framework allowing clients and potential clients to access the necessary information clearly, regardless of the device they are viewing it on.

Corporate Identity

Hallam Senior College
Hallam Senior College

Hallam Senior College

With the disaggregation of Eumemmerring College, the Hallam Campus required a new identity be able to present itself to the wider community as a stand alone Senior Secondary College. I am employed (part time) at Hallam as the marketing & communications manager to ensure that the brand is applied consistently across all touch points.

  • Client: Hallam Senior College
  • Role: Art Direction, Photography, Assest Management

Veterinary Reminder Cards

ChSVet Reminder Cards

Veterinary Reminder Cards

The developers of CHSVet (Veterinary Practice Management Software) understand how important reminders are in generating repeat business. CHSVet comes with a built in reminder facility making it easy for clinics to concentrate on treating their patients, not chase after them. With this in mind, I designed a range of “Reminder Postcards” that integrate seamlessly with CHSVet. Each design is printed in full colour on a premium card stock. The back of the cards are left blank, so clinics can customise and personalise each message straight out of CHSVet.

  • Client: CHSVet / Ciderhouse ICT
  • Role: Design, Art Direction, Print Management

CMS Responsive Website

L.N.B Electrics
Project 04

CMS based responsive website

With more and more people accessing information on 'smart devices' it is important that your online presence represents you and your company accurately. L.N.B Electrics now have a website that allows clients to see the quality of their work no matter what they are browsing thier site on.

Corporate Identiy and Website

Victorian Animal Cancer Care

Victorian Animal Cancer Care

Victorian Animal Cancer Care (VACC) is a specialist veterinary oncology service offering compassionate treatment for animals with cancer.
When creating their Corporate Identity it was important stay away from a stereotypical veterinary concept and convey their specialist medical expertise balanced with their approach of compassionate care.

  • Client: Victorian Animal Cancer Care / Ciderhouse ICT
  • Role: Art Direction, Photography, Illustration

Identity Design

Winsec Savings & Loans
Project 06

Company Branding & Marketing Materials

After producing a number of Prospectus documents for them, Winsec Savings & Loans trusted me with the important task of rebranding their company and applying the new identity across all touch points.
Although the initial project was completed some time ago, it makes it on to this page as it is one of the more fulfilling projects that I have worked on.

  • Client: Winsec Savings & Loans
  • Role: Design, Art Direction, Assest Management

About AHDesign

Thank you for visiting my site.

Me & my boys

I am Melbourne based designer providing creative services that include identity, print, signage and web design.

Working with a diverse range of clients from One-man bands through to national and international companies has helped me develop a broad range of skills whilst providing the opportunity to work on just about every aspect of graphic communication.

When you work with me, you get a designer first and foremost, not a web company trying to print or a printer trying to design.

Over the years I have collected quite an assortment of industry contacts from specialist printers to web hosting companies. As a result, I can offer you the whole package from concept to execution, or alternatively I can provide you with some industry insights and handy advice to get you on your way.

With a proven track record and years of experience in working with both new and established companies, I create outcomes that exceed client expectations and provided personalised creative solutions. Combined with a straightforward, no-jargon approach, clients receive a refreshing one-to-one graphic design service that is always appreciated.

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